NEC3: The Role of the Project Manager

Barry Trebes and Bronwyn Mitchell

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ISBN: 9780727761354

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 16/09/2016

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 297x210mm

Number of Pages: 120

NEC3: The Role of the Project Manager


NEC3: The Role of the Project Manager is a practical guide for those performing the role of Project Manager under NEC3 ECC contracts, and it offers useful guidance and practical tips to those performing the role of Project Manager to ensure that projects are successfully managed and delivered.

Written by NEC experts, the book outlines how the role of Project Manager and its responsibilities and working relationships are integrated into the completion of a programme.

NEC3: The Role of Project Manager:

adds to the body of knowledge on the use of NEC3 ECC
is an effective companion to the NEC Project Manager Accreditation programme
highlights the critical role of the Project Manager on an ECC contract.

The book describes the technical and behavioural traits that will be of use to the Project Manager and is divided into a chronological set of learning outcomes that mirror the order in which a project can be established and implemented.

Providing practical assistance to navigate potential pitfalls which may arise throughout the life of a construction project with key examples of notifications, instructions, agendas and progress checks, The Role of the Project Manager illustrates how information can be translated for the benefit of the project team and the outcome of the project.


About the authors
Abbreviations and other writing conventions used in this book

Section 1

Section 2
Overview of the Project Manager role

Section 3
Prior to contract award

Section 4
After contract award but beore start on Site

Section 5
Start on Site

Section 6
Chronological management procedures: first month/period

Section 7
Chronological management procedures: second and later months

Section 8
Completion and take over

Section 9
After Completion and take over

Section 10
After the defects date

Section 11
Post-project evaluation and learning from experience