Highways, 5th edition: The Location, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Road Pavements

Coleman O'Flaherty (ed.)

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ISBN: 9780727759931

Format: Paperbound

Publish Date: 09/11/2015

Publisher: ICE Publishing

Page Size: 234x156mm

Number of Pages: 592

Highways, 5th edition: The Location, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Road Pavements


Highways, Fifth  Edition provides a comprehensive view across all aspects of road engineering,  encompassing an extensive range of topics from pavement design, earthworks, and skid resistance to subsurface moisture control, surface drainage and construction of hot-mix bituminous roadbases and surfacings. This book shares the insights and practical experiences of industry experts who present the multifaceted aspects of road engineering to those seeking to discover more about these themes.


• discusses the basic materials used in road pavement construction
• promotes an understanding of highway engineering fundamentals that are transferable across national boundaries
• explores the latest material on remote sensing currently used in road location
• contains up-to-date information on pavement management systems and maintenance techniques
• has been updated to include the latest European Standards.

Aimed at final year and master’s degree civil engineering students, this edition provides a useful introductory reference, acting also as a reference guide for engineering offices and technical libraries.


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Abbreviations and terminology

1. The road development process: plans, specifications and contracts

2. Route location

3. Site investigations

4. Soils and soil testing for roadworks

5. Earthworks for roadworks

6. Materials used in road pavements

7. Soil-stabilised and hydraulically bound mixtures used in road pavements 

8. Standard asphalt mixtures used in pavement layers

9. Moisture control: surface and subsurface drainage

10. Introduction to pavement thickness design: some basic considerations

11. Analysis of stresses in rigid concrete slabs and an introduction to concrete block paving

12. Current UK thickness design recommendations for new bituminous and concrete pavements

13. Design and construction of asphalt bases and surfacings

14. Constructing concrete pavements

15. Pavement asset management

16. Structural strengthening of road pavements

17. Wet skid resistance

18. Design and use of thin surface treatments