Transportation Engineering

John Wright

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Publish Date: 17/08/2015

Publisher: ICE Publishing

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Number of Pages: 168

 Transportation Engineering


Covering rail, air, road and water, Transportation Engineering explores the transport of people, goods and information throughout history, up to the present day and considering how best to transport can meet the needs of the future. It examines the idea that transport needs are based on the concept of supply and demand and that modes of transport must, therefore, have a “life-cycle”. Transportation Engineering also explores the economics of transport and the importance of considering price, convenience and safety of new and existing modes of transport, as well as the impact that the recession has had on preferred modes of transport, e.g. an increase in people cycling instead of driving, using the internet to communicate instead of travelling overseas. It also looks at sustainability, including the pros and cons of electric vehicles and what the future holds for these modes of transport.

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• A brief history of transport in the UK
• Rail Transport
• Road Transport
• Air Transport
• Transport by water
• Transport modelling and intermodal choice
• Cycling and walking as a means of transport
• Transport policy
• Transport engineering and the environment
• Terminal locations and design
• Future developments in transportation