Concrete for Transportation Infrastructure

Professor R. K. Dhir

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Concrete for Transportation Infrastructure


Concrete is at something of a crossroads: there are many opportunities and some threats. For these opportunities to change into beneficial practice, engineers, material scientists, architects, manufactureres and suppliers must focus on the changes that are required to champion concrete and maintain its dominance within the global constructuion industry.

The Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) of the University of Dundee organised this Congress to address these changes, under the theme Global Construction: Ultimate Concrete Opportunities 5-7 July 2005.

The three-day International Congress consisted of ten Events:

Concrete for Transportation Infrastructure forms the Proceedings of Event 2 and deals with issues such as bridges, tunnels, concrete pavements, marine infrastructure and regulations


Organising Comittee
Scientific and Technical Committee
Collaborating Institutions
Sponsoring Organisations With Exhibition
Exhibiting Organisations
Supporting Institutions
Opening Paper

• Keynote Paper
• Recent Development in French Concrete Pavements Technology
• Roller Compacted Concrete for Low Cost Roads
• Roller Compacted Concrete
• The A10 and the Lorraine Avenue: Two Fast-Track Reconstruction Projects Near Brussels
• Analysis of Top-down Transverse Cracking in Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement
• Composite Pavement Preformance Index for Concrete Pavements
• High Performance Concrete for Motorway Pavemetns
• Frameworks and Partnering - What Can Be Learned?
• US Concrete Pavement Technology
• Effect of Cement Type and Curing conditions on Flexural Strength of Concrete or Pavement Slabs

• Keynote Paper
• The Role of Concrete for Bridges and Flyovers
• Control of Crackuing in Walls Restrained Along Their Base Against Early Thermal Movements
• Replacement of the Luckenberger Bridge Across The Havel in Brandenburg
• Selection of a Concrete Bridge Girder Cross Sectiion
• Lightweight Concrete Application in Bridges
• Experimental Study of Prefabricated Bridge Systems in MTO
• The Effects of Connections in Decked Bulb Tee Bridges
• Long-Term Corrosion Testing and Evaluation of Partially Submerged Post-Tensioned Column Speciments
• Influence of Corrosion of Prestressed Reinforcement on the Flexure-Shear Interaction
• Concrete Footbridges
• Structural Performance of Lightweight Concrete Columns Subjected to Reversed Cyclic Loading
• Promoting Best Value Through Bridge Management Studies
• PC-FRC for Replacement o Deteriorated Upper Part of Concrete Highway Bridge Deck
• Durability and Repair of Bridges in the Middle East
• Development of Maintenance Plan Optimisation System for Bridge Network
• Monte Carlo Simulation of Chloride Diffusion in Concrete Exposed to Deicing Salts
• Durabiligy Assessment of Bridges on Croatian Road Network
• A Discussion on the Importance of Considering Environmental Parameters in Brazilian Reinforced Concrete Bridge and Viaduct Inspection
• Maintaiing, Refurbishing and Strengthening Bridges

• Keynote Paper
• Fire Protection Concepts for Traffic Tunnel: Latest Developments and Recent Research Activities
• Microstructural Charges of High Density Concretes Exposed to High Temperatures
• Fire Protection Coating of ReinforcedConcrete Lining in Lefortovsky Tunnel
• Airpave Management - An Innovative Pavement Management System for Airports

• Keynote Paper
• Marine Concrete Infrastructure - More Than Ready for 100 Years Service Life
• Fifty-Year-Old Jetties in Tropical Marien Environment
• Some Experience of Concrete Design in Marine Structures
• Performance of Lightweight Concrete with Aggregate Made of Yellow River Deposits
• Frustum Con Block (FCB) Anti Erosion and Breakwater Model
• Application ofWaterRepellent Treatment Systems for the Protection of Offshore Constructions
• Inspection of Structures in the Marine Environment
• Degradation of Reinforced Concrete Structures Especially of Dam and Building in its Proximity

• Keynote Paper
• The Development of Multi-Storey Jamarat Bridge and Surrounding Area: A Unique Structure for the Safety of Pilgrims
• Analysis of Reinforced Cocnrete Column Capacities
• An Experimental Study on the Effect of New Anchorage Implements Attached to Rectangular Hooks of Tie HJoops in RC Columns Under Cyclic Loading
• A Vibrationless Tram-Busway in Continuousley Reinforced Concrete with Coloured Surface
• Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Biaxial Loads
• Mechanical Properties of Micro-Concrete Under Dynamic Loading
• Geocryological Constructional Aspects at Antarctica and Indian Himalayas

Closing Paper
• Fast Track Design and Construction of Concrete Bridges

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