Traffic Loading on Highway Bridges

Peter Dawe, formerly of Department of Transport

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ISBN: 9780727732415

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 03/12/2003

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 243x170mm

Number of Pages: 196

Traffic Loading on Highway Bridges


From the introduction of steam traction engines in the nineteenth century through to the commercial vehicles and heavy industrial loads of the present day, bridge engineers have had to consider the effects of traffic loads on their structures.

This book provides a detailed examination of all aspects of traffic loading and describes how design and assessment methods have evolved to deal with them. As a former Head of the Bridges Engineering Division of the Department of Transport, Peter Dawe has first hand experience of the requirements of the modern bridge engineer and has provided a comprehensive review of the development of rules for traffic loading.

Traffic Loading on Highway Bridges will be of value to students who wish to delve into the background behind the current loading rules, practising engineers who wish to understand the premises upon which the rules are based and researchers who wish to develop the subject further.



• Historical review: Part 1, 1911-54
• Histroical review: Part 2, 1954-78
• Limit state design
• Revision of HA Type loading - 1. Shot span
• Revision of Type HA loading - 2. Long span
• Composite version of BS5400: Part 2
• Short-span assessment loading
• Loading for assessment
• Abnormal Loading
• Collision loads
• Control of traffic loading
• Eurocodes
• National Application Document (NAD)

Appendix - Use of OPTAX program