Designers' Guide to Eurocode 1: Actions on bridges

J-A Calgaro, M Tschumi, and H Gulvanessian

Price: £ 100.00

ISBN: 9780727731586

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 15/03/2010

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 297x210mm

Number of Pages: 250

Designers' Guide to Eurocode 1: Actions on bridges


This series of Designers Guides to the Eurocodes provides comprehensive guidance in the form of design aids, indications for the most convenient design procedures and worked examples. The books also include background information to aid the designer in understanding the reasoning behind and the objectives of the codes. All of the individual guides work in conjunction with the Designers’ Guide to EN 1990 Eurocode: Basis of Structural Design.

The parts of Eurocode 1 covered by this guide, EN 1991-1 and EN 1991-2, address the general actions and traffic loads on civil engineering structures. This Designers’ Guide looks specifically at these actions as they apply to bridges, including full explanation, commentary, examples, and direction to the National Annex documents on each of the following parts and sub-parts of the code:

1-1: Densities, self-weight and imposed loads
1-3: Snow loads
1-4: Wind actions
1-5: Thermal actions
1-6: Actions during execution
1-7: Accidental actions
2 : Traffic loads on bridges


• General aspects of the design of bridges with the Eurocodes

• Determination of non-traffice actions for permanent design situations

• Traffic loads on road bridges

• Traffic loads on footbridges

• Traffic loads on railway bridges

• Actions during execution

• Accidental actiions

• Combinations of actions for permanent, transient and accidental design situations