Jubilee Line Extension: From Concept to Completion

R. Mitchell

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ISBN: 9780727730282

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 04/03/2003

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 234x170mm

Number of Pages: 400

Jubilee Line Extension: From Concept to Completion


“This book is a major reference work that provides essential information for all future rail transport developments in London. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in public transport planning and the complex processes involved in the development and delivery of major infrastructure projects. It is well written, full of fascinating detail and an interesting read!”
Professor Brian Mellitt
Director of Engineering, London Underground, 1989 to 1995
Past-President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

This major reference work details the story of London Underground’s award winning Jubilee Line Extension (JLE), how it came to being, how it was planned, how it was designed, built and commissioned, and how the millennium deadline imposed by the Dome was met. Always in the public eye and the political spotlight, the JLE has played a significant role in the success of the Canary Wharf development, improved public transport immeasurably in the areas of southeast and east London, and set new standards for London Underground and public transport. Despite the problems and the much publicised cost and time overruns, the project can still be considered to be a major construction achievement.

The Jubilee Line Extension: From concept to completion describes in detail the history of the project, which goes back more than 50 years. The first concepts were defined in 1943, and the book traces developments to the East London Railway study that effectively defined the JLE Extension. Also presented is a detailed insight into the development of the Olympia & York funding contribution that was a key issue in achieving Government approval. With contributions from some of the major contractors personnel involved, the book offers a detailed and factual account of the completion of this ‘stunning’ new railway line.

Much as been written about the construction work of the JLE, particularly the stations, however, this is the first book that provides a rounded view of how a major new underground railway line came to be built and presents key details of the JLE project activities relating to transport planning, the legal processes, comprehensive safety planning, procurement, contracting, engineering development, environmental issues, project management and commissioning. And all achieved under immense political and media scrutiny.

The Jubilee Line Extension: From concept to completion will appeal to everyone who is interested in major transportation projects and in discovering how the JLE was able to deliver a major urban infrastructure project with the minimum of environmental disturbance and with an exemplary safety record. Project managers will find this detailed record of all that was involved an inspiration and an invaluable source of information, which they can apply to other projects they are working on now and in the future.


• Planning and design – 1990 to 1993
• The parliamentary process
• The route described
• Safety
• Trains and operations
• The stations
• Tunnelling the line
• Electrical and mechanical engineering
• Commissioning and line opening – 1998 to 2000
• The contracts
• Time, cost and quality
• Look to the future
• Appendix 1 - JLE main contractors
• References and further reading