Pre-failure Deformation Behaviour of Geomaterials

Institution of Civil Engineers

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Pre-failure Deformation Behaviour of Geomaterials


In the past fifteen years experimental and theoretical characterisation of the pre-failure deformation properties of geomaterials has developed enormously. In recognition of these important research developments a Geotechnique Symposium in Print (SIP) was held at the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1997.

This volume brings together the nineteen Geotechnique SIP papers which summarise the recent developments in measuring and understanding the pre-failure stress-strain-time properties of natural soils, and apply this information to practical engineering problems.


Part 1
• Anisotropy of G0 shear stiffness in Gault clay
• Laser interferometry to evaluate the performance of local displacement tranducers
• Some anisotropic stiffness characteristics of a silt under general stress conditions
• Deformation characteristics of a sedimentary soft mudstone from triaxial compression tests using rectangular prism specimens
• Wave velocity and stiffness measurements of the Crag and Lower London Tertiaries at Sizewell
• Small -strain stiffness of reconstituted clay compressed along constant triaxial effective stress ratio paths
• Yielding and pre-failure deformation of structured sands
• Inherent and stress-state-induced anisotropy in very small strain stiffness of a sandy gravel
• The influence of structure on the pre-failure behaviour of a natural clay
• Stiffness of coarse-grained soils at small strains
• Modelling of non-linear deformation properties of stiff geomaterials
• Viscoplastic behaviour of soft clay
• Elastic shear modulus of soft clays from shear wave velocity measurement
• Shear modulus and damping of soils
• Displacements of bridge foundations on sedimentary soft rock: A case study on small-strain stiffness
• Interpretation of a footing load test on a saprolitic soil from granite
• Modelling pre-failure deformation behaviour of reinforced soil walls
• Stiffness determination and deformation analysis for a trial excavation in Oxford Clay
• The influence of pre-failure soil stiffness on the numerical analysis of tunnel construction

Part 2
• Cyclic deformation characteristics of clay under different consolidation histories
• Pre-failure strain softening and pre-failure instability of granular soil
• Comparison of field and laboratory stiffness of Gault Clay
• Yielding and locking under repeated loading
• Assessment fo quasi-linear models for sands
• Cyclic stiffness of plastic silt with an initial drained shear stress
• On the stiffness of sands

Part 3
• Stiffness measurements in a stress-path cell
• The influence of plastic stains during compression on the inherent anisotropy of G V.Jovicic and M.Coop
• Variation of elastic moduli with principal effective stress
• On the use of comprehensive soil models in geotechnical analysis
• Constitutive modelling: required complexity?
• Experience of the use of non-linear pre-failure constitutive soil models
• Closing Remarks