Bridge Modification

Brian Pritchard

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ISBN: 9780727720283

Format: Hardbound

Publish Date: 14/04/1995

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Page Size: 160x240mm

Number of Pages: 302

Bridge Modification


As the amount of traffic on our roads increases, so the bridges which carry that traffic are having to be modified to meet the changing demands on them. This modification may be in the form of widening, lengthening or replacement to cater for extra lanes of traffic. Alternatively, it may be some form of strengthening to enable an existing structure to continue to carry traffic with adequate margins of safety. In either case, the engineer is often faced with a complex set of technical problems in addition to the problem of dealing with live traffic.

Bridge Modification consists of over 20 informative papers covering areas of policy, design, construction, widening - small and large), strengthening techniques and alternatives to strengthening. It addresses the present and future of practitioners in the industry, using examples and case studies.


Part 1 : Wider and longer
• Policy
• Design
• Construction
• Widening Small and Large

Part 2 : Stronger and Safer
• Policy
• Case Studies
• Strengthening techniques
• Alternatives to strengthening
• Discussion on parts 1 and 2