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Bridge Deck Erection Equipment: A Best Practice Guide

Steve Harridge is a Consultant at Tony Gee & Partners LLP, Surrey, UK.

Max Meyer is Worldwide Head of Technical Services at Singapore VSL, Singapore.

Juan Jose da Silva is Technical Manager at BWI Consulting, Italy.

Michael Dabritz is Head of Department for MSS Systems at Thyssen Krupp, Germany.

Jan de Boer is Principal at De Boer DC, Holland.

Elie Homse is Project Director at Parsons International, Denver, USA.

Tristan Le Comte is Method Engineer at Vinci Grands Projet, France.

Mohan Jaktar is Head of Technical Services at Gammon Construction, Mumbai, India.

Alessandro Rovera is CEO at DEAL Systems, Italy.

Giulio Scotto is Construction Methods Division Manager at Freyssinet, France.

Philippe Vion is Technical Director at Systra, France.

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