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Highways, 5th edition: The Location, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Road Pavements

Reviewed by Neil Owen, UK:

Civil Engineering Volume 169, Issue CE2, May 2016

This fifth edition remains a comprehensive textbook on all aspects of highway engineering and has been updated to include the latest European standards. It is primarily aimed at final year and master’s degree civil engineering students but it is also a very useful reference book for all those working in highway design offices who are designing new roads and/or maintaining existing ones.

First published in 1967, this latest edition has been fully updated to provide the current position and thinking on all areas of highway design, including locating the line of a new highway, the use of digital elevation models, acquiring any statutory approvals and investigating the ground on which the new road will sit. It looks at the design of flexible and rigid pavements including the materials used in those pavements and the design and construction of bituminous surfacings.

There are also chapters on key issues such as earthworks, soil stabilisation and – probably the most important factor in good pavement design – the drainage of the surface and sub-surface of the road. The book also looks at the important area of pavement asset management including structural strengthening of road pavements, improving wet skid resistance and the use of thin surface treatments.

Each of the 18 chapters has been written by industry experts who share their knowledge and practical experiences on the many different aspects of highway engineering.

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