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Practical Guide to Using the CDM Regulations 2015: Teamwork not Paperwork

'The second section focuses on building an effective team and how to use CDM principles to do this. Here, the authors add real value, considering why successful teams differ from the average. They look in detail at the different phases for managing the design risks of the project, including project preparation (building the team), construction (building the facility), post-construction (building the business), and the demolition phase (end of the business).

Concluding with a look at how a project team could fulfil the requirements of CDM 2015 in a way that benefits the team and the client, the authors argue effective communication is key and emphasise the need to ensure the right people get the right information at the right time. The guide’s positives are the case studies, think points and quotes scattered throughout the text.'

-Donald Muir, Health and Safety at Work

About the authors
Tony Putsman BSc (Hons), MICE, CEng is a chartered civil engineer with 40 years’ construction experience. He has managed a variety of projects in the UK and Africa, including water supply, highway, industrial and residential schemes. A leading advocate of team-based risk management, he now acts as an independent risk management consultant and is a founder-director of Construction Team Technologies Ltd.

Paul McArthur BA (Hons) MSc, MiFL is a people-development specialist, having worked in the field of personal and organisational change for nearly 30 years. Paul has delivered leadership and behavioural safety IOSH-accredited tailored courses to hundreds of managers and supervisors in petrochemical, chemical and nuclear energy industries, and has worked on team development with a host of public and private sector organisations. He is also a founder-director of Construction Team Technologies Ltd.

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